Extremely Ethical

“Gina Foster was the ideal real estate agent. I have previously worked with many agents, and they do not compare in any way to Gina. First, she was extremely ethical. Even when she could have lost the sale, she advised me constantly and made me wary and aware of issues I needed to know. She followed through within an hour every time she told me she could take care of something. She went way beyond the call of duty in previewing and viewing houses before I came here to view them myself. She interacted with the seller without compromising her relationship with the me, letting the seller know in no uncertain terms that she was my rep, but yet keeping the relationship with the seller. Gina cared about me personally and even offered to inconvenience herself personally to help me in ways I did not expect. I would never have another real estate agent in this area, and she will be my real estate agent in the future no matter what. She is fabulous and amazing. And she has a great sense of humor.”